If you have never visited Thailand, then you are missing one of the greatest experiences in life. The Thai people are proud and naturally hospitable; tolerant with a ready smile and a willingness to please. Couple this with a wonderful climate, magnificent food and great scenery and you have an ideal tourist destination. The Kingdom of Thailand has, for many years, welcomed visitors to explore its ancient culture, enjoy its lush, diverse countryside, and luxuriate on its spectacular beaches.

Here are some of the many activities available to visitors to Phuket:


Culture Many thousands of travellers a year make Thailand their destination and the country boasts all the modern amenities imaginable – yet its cultural integrity remains largely intact. This is partly due to the fact that Thailand has never been conquered by a foreign power. Thai traditions are uniquely Thai, and they stretch back centuries. Buddhism is enormously important in most Thais everyday family life as more than 95% of the country’s 62 million people are practicing Buddhists. This is reflected in the myriad red-roofed, ornate temples and ubiquitous saffron-robed monks throughout Thailand. Buddhism supports a culture that is kind, gentle and respectful of all people, visitors especially.

Thais are proud to show their unique cultural heritage and nowhere is this more evident than in its drama and dance. Throughout Thailand, special shows celebrate traditional Thai dances and plays with dancers extravagantly dressed in traditional costumes and elaborately made-up. It’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss. Try to make time during your visit to visit a temple (known as a wat) – there is a temple with a giant Buddha on top of the hill behind Villa Jasmine and Villa Malee, which is well worth a visit.

Spas and Health

Thai healing traditions and use of herbs and massage are nearly as ancient as Thai culture itself. Internationally renowned for its unique methods and special techniques it’s no surprise that Thailand remains home to some of the most well thought of and luxurious spa resorts in the world. If you are looking for rejuvenation and relaxation, this is the place. Add together the staples of the Thai spa – traditional Thai massage, herbal steam baths, healing oils and spices – with the practice of yoga and luxurious beauty treatments, and you have one of the finest wellness experiences for body and mind on earth.


If you want to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself there is no better place than Thailand. The ethos of “sanuk dee” or good fun is ingrained in the culture. Thai enthusiasm and hospitality encourage you to relax, kick back and take part in the fun too. Throughout Thailand you can find nightclubs, pubs, sports bars, cocktail lounges, street hang-outs, karaoke, concert halls, night markets and open air beer gardens catering to every taste, nationality and persuasion.


Thais love their sports. They are enthusiastic followers of international football and many are keen on golf and horse-racing. Deep sea fishing is popular in the beach areas of Phuket as the Andaman Sea is bountiful with game fish such as marlin, tuna, shark and king mackerel. Boats and equipment are easy to rent. For the more curious and adventurous, Thai Boxing is a must-see. A mixture of boxing and martial arts, fighters use knees, fists, elbows, feet and head to overcome their opponent. Bouts can be seen throughout Phuket and include a spiritual, almost religious element.


Blessed with a wide variety of natural habitats, Phuket offers a huge array of adventures for nature lovers. Thailand has taken major steps in recent years to protect its environment with an emphasis on sustainable tourism, tourist education and the non-exploitation of eco-systems. Enjoy snorkelling, windsurfing, horse riding, biking, walking, hiking, swimming, diving and sailing amongst many other activities.


For those who love to shop and have an eye for a bargain a series of shopping pleasures await you throughout Phuket. There are modern, sleek and trendy malls and department stores in Patong, Chalong and Central which offer the best of international shopping and familiar brand names. There are also many small local markets and shops, where the real bargains to be had. Here bargaining is the norm, and half the fun. Expect to pay about two-thirds of the original asking price. Items that you specially want to look out for include Thai silk (considered the best in the world), ceramics, jewellery, lacquer ware, furniture (rattan and hardwood) and hill tribe crafts. Also don’t forget a visit to the tailors – custom clothing can be hand-made in a couple of days at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

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