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Kata Beach


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Kata Beach - The closest beach to our Phuket villas

Our Phuket private villas are located very close to Kata Beach. Kata is one of the best beaches in Phuket. The beach lies on the southwest coast facing the Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea where you can enjoy the wonderful view of sunsets throughout the year.

The right months for surfers

The ideal months for surfing in Kata are from May to October. Surf boards of all sizes for beginners, kids and professionals are available for hire. There are also surf canoes available for all kinds of surfers.  The gentle breeze makes surfing very refreshing. The surfing season in Kata takes place during winter season in Australia thus many Australian surfers take advantage of the pleasure of Kata during this time of the year. The waves may not be as huge as the waves of Bondi but the weather is more temperate here!

Swimming, Scuba Diving and beach activities in Phuket

The months of November to April are ideal for snorkelling, swimming and diving. The sea is clear and tranquil during this period. There are plenty of speed boats, manual boats and jet skis for hire. You can visit other islands and enjoy water skiing and water para-gliding. Kata Beach turns vibrant and very active during this busy season. Yachts and crews from all over the world pack Kata beach on the first week of December to participate in the yearly King’s Cup Regatta. This week-long festivity intensifies the thrill from the commencement of the competition until the end. During the night-time, Kata beach becomes even more animated as bands of different genres play their own brand of music in the bars and nightclubs. You can enjoy all these vibrant night activities before you take a good night of rest at our Phuket holiday villas.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach prides itself on its elongated coastline that makes it well admired by the visitors. If you are in need of anything, beach vendors are ready to provide all your needs from beach towel, food and drinks to toiletries. The main attractions during day time include water sports, massages, snorkelling and diving. Snorkellers can enjoy watching fish underwater and can swim further to a tiny offshore island called Koh Pu. The swim to this island offers you some amazing coral reefs along the way.  Please be careful if you want to swim to the island as it is further than it looks. 

Fronting the beach of Kata is a number of resorts, restaurants and hotels where you can dine depending on your taste and budget. The best among them is Mom Tri’s Boathouse Wine and Grill where amazing dishes are being served. At the North end of Kata beach is the famous Club Mediterranee where you will find pretty tropical gardens and palm trees, beautiful swimming pools, beach side dining and sundecks for sunset viewing. There are also guesthouses just a walk from the beach. Of course, nothing can beat the amenities we provide in our villas in Phuket for rent.

Most visitors in Phuket spend time in dining, visiting night spots and shopping. The village of Kata offers international cuisines including Scandinavian, European and Italian menus. There are also a number of great steakhouses and Thai seafood cafes offering local cuisines. Nightlife is extremely entertaining ranging from the small bars to the famous Easy Rider Club that features live bands, especially during high season from November to March.