Villa versus Hotel

Choose villas for luxury and privacy!

When planning a holiday, location is usually the first consideration. Having chosen your destination, the next decision to make is accommodation. Traditionally, holiday makers would immediately look for hotels, with the idea that they will be the best value for money and provide more facilities. However, in recent times renting villas has become a more popular and flexible option. Imagine a family of five, two parents and three children – in a hotel they would have to book at least two rooms and possibly a parent would have to stay in each room, if the children were small. In this case, the hotel room is simply a place to sleep and not the most ideal situation. Now imagine the same family booking a villa, for the same price as the two hotel rooms. In a villa they will all have their own bedrooms, the security of all being together, as well as indoor and outdoor space where they can spend time together. A private swimming pool and garden are a lot safer for children and makes parental supervision easier.

Renting a villa is not only a great idea for families, it works well for couples who like privacy, perfect for honeymooners, or a group holiday. Our villas are ideal for two families holidaying together. Many groups holiday together, from young friends to a few couples, what could be better than sharing the cost of a fabulous villa and experiencing the ultimate tropical lifestyle, which other options can simply not offer. A fully equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas and lounges, balconies and terraces offer a choice of spaces in which to spend time.  Our villas in Phuket  have the most stunning locations, are completely private and provide guests with more freedom. Being detached properties means there are no other guests in your personal space and gardens and pools are solely for your use. 

Renting a holiday villa also provides the option of self-catering, reducing the cost of dining and eliminating the restrictions of fixed restaurant hours. 

FOOD AND BEVERAGES COST ABOUT 75% LESS IN A VILLA.  Our villas provide an in-house chef, who will cook whatever you desire.  A housekeeper, pool man and a luxury return airport transfer is included in the rental. Babysitting services and personal laundry services are also available, as are in-villa massage and Thai cookery and fruit carving lessons. We will  provide a personalised service and make your stay completely stress free. A car and driver or vehicle rental is also  available and our manageress can provide ideas of where to go and what to do. Our Villa rental has no hidden charges, no 17% tax or service charges and are more flexible with check in/out times.

Villa Hotel
Family booking gives better value
Cost effective  (no extra 17% tax/service charges)
No hidden costs
Absolute privacy
No other guests
Complete freedom and flexibility
Private detached accommodation
Plenty of interior/exterior space
Private swimming pool
Private gardens
Personal chef
Family stay all together
Family safety
Self catering (no restaurant costs)
Fully equipped kitchen
Indoor and outdoor dining
Flexible check in/out times
Entertainment facilities
24/7 security

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